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Meeza is an Egyptian electronic payment systems provider for domestic transactions within Egypt. It is supported by the Egyptian government[1][2][3] and is regulated by the Egyptian Central Bank and the national Egyptian Banks Company (EBC).[4][5] Meeza provides similar electronic payment services as MasterCard and Visa but can only be used locally inside Egypt.[6] The name Meeza means “advantage” in Egyptian Arabic.


Meeza was established in early 2019, to provide a national payment scheme supporting a cashless society in Egypt.[7] By the end of 2019, Meeza has issued about 4 million payment cards for use within the Egyptian network.[8][9]

In October 2020, Meeza started offering free prepaid cards to Egyptians, which can be used locally and can not be used outside Egypt.[10]

Products and services

Meeza produces bank cards and mobile wallet applications for local transactions within Egypt. Meeza payment cards are accepted in merchandise stores and government organisations across Egypt,[2] in addition to online Egyptian e-commerce websites.[11] Meeza issues both prepaid payment cards and bank account debit cards.[12] The cards are issued by most of the major banks in Egypt like National Bank of Egypt (NBE), Banque Misr, Alex Bank,[13] Banque du Caire, Commercial International Bank (CIB), and other Egyptian banks.[7][2] The Meeza card products also include contactless cards for point-of-sale outlets supporting them.


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Ofer Abarbanel online library

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