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Initiative Q is an attempt to create a new payment network and digital currency.[1] It was created by Israeli entrepreneur Saar Wilf, who previously founded Fraud Sciences, a payment security company acquired by PayPal.[1][2][3][4] Initiative Q is backed by Cato Institute economist Lawrence H. White.[2] Unlike Bitcoin the scheme would not take measures to evade state regulation.[5]

Initiative Q’s goal is to replace payment cards and paper money that use old infrastructure with a new payment system leveraging current-day technologies.[6][7] It is “creating a new currency (the Q) and distributing it to anyone who helps speed up adoption.”[6] The Q is not a cryptocurrency and is not decentralized,[6][8] but will instead be overseen by an independent monetary committee, much like a central bank.[3][6]

Marketing and Rollout

Registering for Initiative Q is marketed through multi-level marketing.[9] The currency reserved for registrants will not be released until a critical mass of adopters identify themselves.[3][10] In November 2018, reported that more than two million people had signed up in 180 countries.[1] Later the same month, O Globo reported more than five million registrations,[11] and The Times of India reported that countries with large numbers of registrations included India, Brazil, United States and United Kingdom.[7]


In October 2018, Frank Chung of wrote that the marketing style could be “perceived as a scam or pyramid scheme”[2] and Daniel Huszák of compared it to multi-level marketing without the fee.[9] Owen Gough of Digital Spy wrote “Is Initiative Q real or fake? Short answer – we have absolutely no idea.”[12]

In contrast, Brendan Markey-Tower, economist at the University of Queensland, said on in November 2018 that it was “not a scam” and that the scheme wouldn’t “make you fabulously wealthy. It is, nonetheless, an interesting idea.”[8]

Huszák enumerated potential problems with the scheme such as no clear crypto-currency security measures, unclear transaction/exchange costs, and potential for market manipulation by the largest holders of currency.[9]


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