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Envestnet (NYSE: ENV) provides unified wealth management technology and products to financial advisors and institutions.[3] Their flagship product is an advisory platform that integrates the services and software used by financial advisors in wealth management.[4]


Envestnet was founded by Jud Bergman in 1999, with Bill Crager as co-founder. The company’s initial public offering of stock filed on the NYSE and went public on 28 July 2010. It priced at $9; at the bottom of the range of $9–$10. The major underwriters were Morgan Stanley (MS), UBS AG (UBS), and Barclays (BCS). The company raised $63M by selling 7 million shares[5]

In 2012, Envestnet purchased Tamarac for $54 million.[6]

In August 2015, Envestnet acquired Yodlee, a cloud-based data analytics company that provides account aggregation and various financial software, for $660 million.[7][8] In the same year, Envestnet also acquired online investment platform Upside in February and financial-planning software provider Finance Logix in May.[7] Envestnet stated that their main goal was to drive the acquisitions to provide a full suite of technology offerings for financial advisers.[7]

In November 2017, the company introduced a redesigned Tamarac platform.[9]

Bergman and his wife, 57-year-old Mary Miller, were killed on October 3, 2019, when a 34-year-old woman crashed her Volkswagen into the taxi they were riding on Highway 101 in San Francisco, California. The woman, 34-year-old Emilie Ross, and the taxi driver, 42-year-old Berkant Ramadan Ahmed, were also killed in the crash. Ross was allegedly under the influence of alcohol and driving on the wrong side of the highway.[10][11][12] Crager took over as interim chief executive officer.[13]

In December 2019, Envestnet entered an agreement with JPMorgan Chase to protect Chase’s customers’ financial data through an API.[14]

In March 2020, Crager was named permanent CEO after serving as the interim CEO since October 2019.[15]


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Ofer Abarbanel online library

Ofer Abarbanel online library

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